Katana Integration

More than just homes. More than just a project. We are all about giving our customers the fulfilment that comes with the joy of living. An integrated lifestyle that incorporates more than you can imagine into your home. We are breaking boundaries and pushing limits to provide experiences that anticipate and meet desires to make life a pleasurable paradise on earth. Imagine your home integrated into a setting of a ski resort, wellness mountain or a secluded island. This is what Katana Integrated is all about – creatively fueling our imagination and collaboratively producing original experiences that are well-defined, exceptionally-designed and meticulously detailed. Simply because we are determined to design extraordinary lifestyles by seamlessly making every home and project we build an integrated resort-inspired dream of a development with the provision of lifestyle software that makes it possible for you to choose your choice of F&B, recreational pursuits, entertainment or facilities all right at your fingertips. WE BUILD DREAMS… THE JOY OF LIVING.


Renowned for promoting and fostering unique and innovative lifestyles that elevate the status quo of residents. We make it our mission to offer our customers a perfect combination of luxury, stylish designs and exceptional quality that transform homes into our customers pride and joy as well as worthy investments. The boutique developments that we build span across the Asian region where the desire and demand for cosy design-driven lifestyles are much sought after.



Our focus is concentrated on conceptualising, planning and building design-driven projects that meet the everyday needs of living a luxurious life across the Asian region. Every one of our project is inspired to become boutique developments with functional and affordable luxury being a key element. We also ensure the space is maximised and well-utilised to ensure the quality of living surpasses expectations. It is all about affordable luxury.